Lifetime limited Warranty


Indeed, you've understood correctly! VYRAL provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all desktop PCs. This exceptional Lifetime Limited Warranty & Service Guarantee ensures your system is covered for the long haul. No matter when a hardware issue might arise, rest assured, you're protected. Our trust in the superior quality of our system components and the meticulous care we put into assembling each PC by hand empowers us to extend this remarkable warranty to every customer. VYRAL is committed to fostering a community of customers who appreciate our brand and rely on us for all their PC, gaming, and creative endeavors.

VYRAL LLC Warranty Terms - The Details

VYRAL, LLC, along with its officers, agents, assignees, and employees, offers an exclusive Limited Lifetime Service Policy ("Lifetime Service Policy") on all NEW desktop computers. This policy guarantees that the original purchaser of a NEW computer system from VYRAL will not face any labor or service charges for covered systems throughout their lifetime. This policy is applicable to the original equipment, any upgrades purchased and installed by VYRAL, and labor/service provided by us.

Furthermore, VYRAL provides a Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty for the hardware of its NEW computer systems. This warranty specifically covers the "Core Computer," which includes all hardware components inside the computer case. It is crucial to note that this hardware warranty is contingent upon the hardware components being under the original manufacturer's warranty. Parts that were specially ordered by the original purchaser are excluded from the Lifetime Limited Warranty and are only covered under their original manufacturer's warranty.

Given the rapid evolution of computer technology and the potential for parts or components to become discontinued, VYRAL reserves the right to repair or replace any defective computer or component with new, used, refurbished, or comparable parts during the warranty period. If a computer or component becomes obsolete, unsupported, or commercially unavailable, making repair impractical, VYRAL may, at its discretion, opt not to repair the computer. Instead, we may offer an in-store credit equivalent to the current value of the computer.

Custom Loop Liquid Cooling Systems Warranty Clause:

For any VYRAL desktop PCs equipped with custom loop liquid cooling systems, the warranty is contingent upon the system not being disassembled or serviced by any party other than VYRAL without our explicit instruction or assistance. Disassembly or unauthorized servicing of custom loop liquid cooled PCs by the customer or third parties without VYRAL's guidance will result in the immediate voiding of the warranty.

Limitations of the Warranties:

  • VYRAL ensures that the covered hardware, excluding software, documentation, and similar items, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, starting from the delivery date. VYRAL will repair or replace defective hardware systems or components, free of charge for labor and/or parts, depending on the warranty specifics. Replacement parts may not be identical but will be of equivalent functionality.
  • Within the continental United States, customers are responsible for shipping costs to VYRAL for any products sent for service after the initial 30-day period, while VYRAL covers return shipping for up to 6 months post-purchase. Beyond 6 months, customers bear all shipping costs.
  • Products sent for service/exchange must be in original packaging, accompanied by purchase receipts. Replacement packaging is available from VYRAL customer support for a fee.
  • Repairs, upgrades, or installations performed by non-VYRAL entities, or modifications to the system, immediately void the Warranties. Parts sold or installed separately from a new computer system are covered only to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty.
  • The Warranties do not cover physical damage, abuse, neglect, shipping damage, improper use, environmental damage, power issues, unauthorized repairs or modifications, or damage from improper installation of parts not provided by VYRAL.
  • Used or recertified equipment is sold as-is, without warranty, unless stated otherwise on the purchase invoice.
  • Software issues are not covered under the Warranties but may be covered by individual software publishers' warranties.
  • Missing items must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.
  • These Warranties contain the full extent of VYRAL's warranty obligations and exclusions. No other warranties are implied or expressed beyond what is stated here.
  • VYRAL is not liable for loss of time, inconvenience, data, software, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from system failures or company negligence. Customers are responsible for backing up data before service.
  • Warranty repairs or services do not extend the original warranty period. Unclaimed computers after 30 days become VYRAL's property.
  • Liquid cooling components have a 1-year warranty and are not included in the Lifetime Limited Warranty.


For warranty service, contact VYRAL at with your order number and preferred contact information. Our technical support team will attempt to diagnose the issue over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely within 30 minutes, you may need to send your PC back to VYRAL for further diagnosis. Do not return products without prior authorization to avoid unaccounted disposal or salvage of your system.


Interest accrues on past-due invoices at 19.99% annually. The responsible party will bear collection and attorney fees for unpaid invoices. NSF checks incur maximum legal penalties. Customers waive liability claims against VYRAL related to computer sales or service performance, except as expressly provided.

Disputes under this agreement are subject to binding arbitration in Montgomery County, Ohio, excluding legal or equitable remedies in other courts. The prevailing party in enforcement proceedings is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees. Ohio law governs this agreement. Invalid or unenforceable warranty provisions do not affect the validity of remaining provisions.