About Us


We are more than a brand, we are a lifestyle.


Here at VYRAL we want to be known for being the best at everything we do. You will quickly learn there is nothing too big or too small we won’t look into to help, support, or promote. The core of our brand is the people that follow it and we would be nothing without all of you amazing people. We are currently growing our brand on all platforms and in every area we can. This can't be done alone and we are constantly looking to collaborate with people who want to grow with us.


If you are interested in supporting us or helping us grow, we would love to reciprocate that commitment by supporting you and your journey. This isn’t always the case and you may just want to be apart of our journey to which we would gladly take you up on.

vyral compound

2078 E Dorothy Ln
Kettering OH, USA

Gaming Compound

Mon - Thu 10AM - 10PM
Fri & Sat 10AM - 1AM
Sun 12PM - 9PM

Online Order Tech Support
Mon - Fri 10AM-6PM

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