Racing Simulators

Advanced Sim Racing At The Vyral Compound!

$20,000 Full Motion Racing Simulators! Get the feel of driving everything from a go kart to a F1 race car! Race solo or test your skill against others in Dirt, Drift, or straight up Racing!
(Ages 15 Or Older)


  • Chassis - Advanced Sim Racing ASR 6
  • Motion - Dbox Full motion Haptic system Sold Here
  • Wheel - VRS Direct Drive Pro base with Archer Porsche wheel, GSI F1 Wheel or Drift wheels available!
  • Peddles - Heusinkveld Ultimate Sprint
  • Shifter - VNM H pattern or Sequential Gear Box 
  • Handbrake - Heusinkveld & VNM
  • Monitor - x3 Samsung G7 165hz 1440p 1000r Curve
  • PC - Vyral PC with Ryzen 7 5800x & RTX 3070

Game Library 

American truck sim
American Truck Simulator is a simulator game based on being a truck driver! Drive a trailer hooked truck and deliver goods to a certain location in order to be paid!
Difficulty: normal
Assetto Corsa
Asetto Corsa is a racing similation game that brings a variety of realistic racing physics to the table! Pick from a vast assortment of cars as well as tracks and get to racing!
Difficulty: hard
Assetto Corsa competizione
Asetto Corsa Competizione is designed to recreate the feeling of a real world GT racing car! From Nissan GTRs to Lamborghini Huracans, there is a vast variety of GT cars to hit the tracks with!
Difficulty: normal
Automobilista 2
Automobilista 2 offers a wide array of different vehicles you can race! From rental go karts and and racing trucks, all the way to todays GT cars!
Difficulty: normal
Dirt Rally 2.0
Dirt Rally 2.0 puts you on the most iconic rally tracks across the world! Using the most powerful off road vehicles ever made, can you make it to the finish line?
Difficulty: hard
F1 2021
F1 2021 offers a story mode known as "Breaking Point". As well as a 2 player career mode! Hop in some of the fastest cars in the world and be ready to hit those tight turns!
Difficulty: normal
iRacing offers NASCAR, Indy car, grand prix and many more! Sit down, pick your favorite car, and hit the track!
Difficulty: hard
R Factor 2
R Factor 2 offers the latest in race vehicle customization and amazing graphics! Features mix class road racing with outstanding graphics!
Difficulty: normal


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