VYRAL LLC Esports Facility Policies and Rules

General Conduct and Behavior
  1. Respect and Fair Play: All participants and visitors are expected to treat each other with respect, demonstrate fair play, and behave in a manner that promotes a positive gaming environment.
  2. Anti-Bullying Policy: Bullying in any form, whether verbal, physical, or cyber, is strictly prohibited. We are committed to providing a safe space for all gamers.
  3. No Discrimination Policy: Discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or any other protected status is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  4. Harassment Policy: Harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, is strictly forbidden. Incidents of harassment should be reported immediately to facility staff.
Health and Safety
  1. COVID-19 Protocols: (Adjust based on current health advice) Follow all current health and safety protocols, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand hygiene, as applicable.
  2. Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the facility’s emergency exits and follow staff instructions in case of an emergency.
  3. Personal Hygiene: Participants are encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.
Facility Use and Equipment
  1. Care of Equipment: Participants must use all gaming equipment and facilities responsibly. Damages caused by misuse will be charged to the responsible party.
  2. Food and Drink Policy: Outside food and drinks are not permitted. Food and beverages purchased within the facility should be consumed in designated areas only.
  3. Personal Belongings: VYRAL LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. Keep valuables secure at all times.
  4. Backpacks and Bags Policy: To ensure the safety and security of all guests, any bags, backpacks, rucksacks, or carry bags must be checked in at the front desk upon arrival and will not be permitted in the arena area. This policy is at the discretion of VYRAL LLC and has been implemented as a preventative measure against theft. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping us maintain a secure environment for everyone.
Participation and Gameplay
  1. Game Content Ratings: Parents/guardians of minors must consent to their child’s participation in games based on their content rating.
  2. Online Safety: Participants engaging in online play must adhere to guidelines promoting online safety and respectful interaction.
  3. Screen Time Awareness: Participants and guardians should be mindful of screen time and take regular breaks to mitigate the risk of strain or injury.
Membership and Access
  1. Membership Compliance: Members must comply with all facility rules and policies as a condition of their membership.
  2. Guest Behavior: Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must ensure they are aware of and adhere to facility policies.
  3. Refusal of Entry: VYRAL LLC reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke the membership of individuals who fail to comply with facility policies.
Reporting and Enforcement
  1. Incident Reporting: Participants should report any incidents of misconduct, harassment, or rule violations to facility staff immediately.
  2. Policy Enforcement: VYRAL LLC staff will enforce these policies strictly. Violations may result in temporary or permanent suspension of facility access.
Privacy and Data Protection
  1. Personal Information: Personal information collected by VYRAL LLC will be used in accordance with our privacy policy, primarily for contact and emergency purposes.
  2. Photography and Recording: VYRAL LLC may take photographs or recordings for promotional purposes. Participants will be asked for consent where applicable.
Policy Violations and Membership Terms

Consequences of Non-Compliance: VYRAL LLC is dedicated to ensuring a safe, respectful, and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. To this end, we enforce the following terms in the event of policy violations:

  • Enforcement Actions: Should any participant be found in breach of our policies, VYRAL LLC reserves the right to take necessary disciplinary actions. This may include temporary suspension, permanent revocation of membership, and imposing a lifetime ban from all VYRAL LLC properties and events.
  • Legal and Financial Recourse: In instances where a violation leads to property damage or financial loss, we will seek compensation through legal avenues. The responsible individual or their legal guardian will bear all costs associated with damages or financial liabilities.
  • Police Involvement: Serious infractions, especially those involving illegal activities, will prompt us to involve law enforcement to protect our community and assets.
Non-Refundable Purchases Policy
  • Membership and Game Time: To reinforce the importance of adhering to our community standards, all purchases related to membership or game time at VYRAL LLC are non-refundable if a member is found in breach of our policies.
  • Commitment to Standards: This policy underscores the significance of responsible conduct within our facility. It reminds all members that their actions impact not only their access and privileges but also the overall community experience.
  • Acknowledgment of Terms: Upon purchasing membership or game time, members acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these terms, committing to uphold the facility's policies as a condition of their participation.

We urge all members and guests to carefully consider these terms, recognizing that compliance with our policies is essential for maintaining the high standards of conduct and enjoyment at VYRAL LLC. Your cooperation is crucial in fostering a welcoming, inclusive esports environment for all participants