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      Mike came to us to help him bring his streaming career up to the same level of his MMA carrer! We built him a 1 of 1 Bestboy insipred "OBSIDIAN XL". Be sure to follow him to stay up to date on all his fights and streams!

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      SPUDD has been a longtime friend and suppoter of VYRAL and we could not be more honored to be represented by a top level gamer, streamer and creator like "SPUDDGAMING". Be sure to check him out on IG and Tiktok for some amazing gaming and tech content!




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      The guys at Vyral build me a beast of a machine based on my specific needs. I had questions and they took the time to answer and educate me as to what I needed, never trying to upsell me. I actually upsold myself 😁👊🏼. This was such a great purchase! Thank you Vyral🏆🏆

      Roger Leopardi
      Maimi FL

      Frist off, I have to give a shout to the team at Vyal! They really took their time in answering all my questions. Gave great insight into making sure all my components worked well together. Once arrived it looked better than I expected. They came highly recommend, and meet all those expectations. The PC was packaged well and arrived undamaged!

      San Diego, CA

      Legit couldn’t of picked a better company, everyone there was super friendly and helpful. Ordered two PCs from them and they helped customize everything with me down to the last detail! Honestly so blessed to have picked them and will do it again in a heartbeat 10/10 would buy again!

      Albany, NY

      If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. The team was extremely professional and very quick with my snow white building. I also ordered various other products from Vyral that came very swiftly. I would recommend Vyral to anyone who wants a professionally built PC. I have been building PCs for over 10 plus years this is my first time not building my own and I was extremely impressed! Will be ordering tons more from Vyral in the future!

      Des Moines, IA

      Vyral Gaming PCs FAQ

      With the complexity of parts, the diffrent needs of gamers and the unique parts combinations we provide, we ensure we have something for everyone! Some questions to ask yourself to help pick:

      What is my budget?
      Once you settel on a budget filter those PC to help narrow your choice!
      What monitor will I be using. Do I need to find a PC with 400fps or will 140fps work just fine with my monitor set up?
      Do I want a white or balck PC?
      This is a very hard quetion ;)
      How much of my budget do I want to go towards Aesthics vs Performance?
      Some of our PCs have over $500 in the case and fans alone, do you value that or do you just want somehthing that works?
      How much space do I have on my desk?
      Case size varries widely, Our Lian Li XL is very large while the Lian Li Mini can fint on most desks! }

      PCs are a great investment and if you buy correclty, it could be one that could last a very long time! The best part, if one part goes out of date - simply upgrade that part, no need to buy a brand new PC everytime!

      We build ALL of our PCs, reguardless of budget, to be able to run even the newest games! Buy with confidnece that your new PC will run any game you throw at it!

      Gaming PCs require top of the line hardware because of that, gaming PCs are great for more than just gaming! Photo/video editing, coding and 3D rendering can be done with ease on your new PC!

      "The Gentelman" PC Build

      FT Kevin Garrison

      Watch here