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Game on top of the line gaming PCs for as little as $8! Bring the whole family for a night out without breaking the bank!

1 hour: $9
2 hours: $15
4 hours: $23
Day Pass: $30
Flight/Racing Pass Add On: $10

5,000 square-foot facility

One of a kind gaming compound! You can't find another gaming center quite like ours! PC gaming, Racing simulation, Flight Sim, board games, and much much more! Pictures do not do it justice, experience it for yourself!


We host multiple events monthly! From high stakes, big money gaming tournaments to casual fun for the whole family, check out all the happenings in the "Events" section!

Live PC building daily

The ONLY E-Sports Venue in the world offering live PC building with PC building classes, Keyboarding Building, coding and many more classes MONTHLY!


We carry top of the line gaming peripherals like custom keyboards, mice and headsets as well as accesories for your room or office like RGB lights, art, and much more! Skip Best Buy and GO VYRAL!

community Love

We are proud of all the friendships made at the compound! Play new games and meet new teammates doing what you love, GAMING! We bring like minded individuals together for a one of a kind gaming experience. Vyral was built gaming alongside others, experience it for yourself! 

Vyral Compound Features

Featuring the first ever E-Sports Arena with LIVE PC building! Standing at 5,000 square feet with retail offerings from RAZER, NVIDIA, ASUS and more, a live PC build room, a professional esports competition stage and a VIP streaming/media room.

Play on one of our 38 CUSTOM VYRAL Gaming PCs equipped with Ryzen 7's and Nvidia RTX 3070's. Immerse yourself in game play like never before!
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2 full motion racing simulators used by professional drivers and racing teams all around the world.
Racing Sim
Consoles & Retro
Challenge your friends or play alongside with others in one of our 12 seats equipped with new and old consoles.
In partnership with RAZER, the studio room is a one-of-a-kind experience for content creators and gamers.

vyral compound

2078 E Dorothy Ln
Kettering OH, USA

Gaming Compound

Mon - Thu 10AM - 10PM
Fri & Sat 10AM - 1AM
Sun 12PM - 9PM

Online Order Tech Support
Mon - Fri 10AM-6PM

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Game & Studio rates

1 hour: $8
2 hours: $14
4 hours: $22
Day Pass (Mon-Thu): $30
Weekend Day Pass (Fri-Sun): $35
Flight/Racing Pass Add On: $10


Game time can be spent on different types of devices in the arena at varying rates!

Please keep in mind that ages under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, no exceptions. Racing simulations use real drive force feedback which requires the user to be at least 15 years old.

  • 1 hour: $20
  • 2 hours: $30
  • 4 hours: $40
  • 5 hours: $50
  • 6 hours: $60

To find out how much you can play just take the rate and divide it by the consumption rate. For example if you buy 2 hours and want to spend it in virtual reality: that would be 1 hour.

Game time is non-refundable.

Thank you for understanding!

Vyral customers


Love this place, extremely happy I found it. cool place, people, and super helpful. If you need anything done to your PC for gaming purposes there’s no one else better in the Dayton area that I have found. They are extremely knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have and give it to you straight forward, they’re not going to push you into buying upgrades that your build doesn’t necessarily need.
Honestly, will not be going anywhere else for PC help.

Dayton, Ohio

Amazing place to come and enjoy games you’re interested in but aren’t sure whether to buy, bring your family and friends, and EVEN get your own computer. I custom ordered and built in house with the lead builder and it was an amazing experience!

Dayton, Ohio

Incredibly clean, well-stocked facility with very friendly, helpful staff. Quite reasonable for what it is - I can't imagine their margins are very thick. We went during a weekday afternoon and the crowd was light. A wonderful opportunity for family bonding.

Dayton, Ohio

Our first experience with Vyral was great! My son just finished a PC building camp. He learned a ton and had a great time. He's looking forward to other events at the compound. Gaming room is amazing!! Staff are very friendly and professional.

Anne Jacobsen
Dayton, Ohio

can't believe that this place has been open nearly a year and I did not hear about it until this week. Not only do they do custom PCs but they also have a huge, really cool gaming area. The staff and owners great, very helpful, and they are all about working with kids and schools.

Marlene MacVane
Dayton, Ohio