AIO - All In One - CPU Cooler

AIO (All In one)
Cpu Cooler

The AIO or "All in one" is a cooler that cools down the CPU or the brain of the computer. When talking performance and PCs, cool components provide better performance but do you really need one? There are many different makes and models of AIO's all varying in price and function. 

LETS see what option is best for you!

How Do They Work And Do I Need One?!

The liquid is in the flexible tubes and the radiator. The system works similar to the radiator on your car. The CPU (engine) generates heat from electricity (gasoline). The pump (water pump) takes the liquid which is in contact with the CPU heatsink (cylinder water jacket) and pumps it to the radiator (radiator). Air flows through the radiator because of fans pushing air through the radiator. The air absorbs heat from the fins and exhausts it to the environment. The liquid in the radiator returns to the hot zone because of the circulation of the pump and the cycle repeats hundreds of times a minute! A cooler such as the h100i is sealed at the factory. No servicing of the coolant is required. Cleaning dust from the radiator and fans may be required periodically depending on your environment.


AIO's are a great "Water Cooling" method because they do not require any servicing  to the  liquid like standard water cooling do! Once installed you can expect a solid 4-5 years of use!

 Do I NEED one? For most people the answer may surprise you. NO. Most people do not NEED one! The standard air cooler or box cooler will effectively cool your CPU just fine!  We add one for a few reasons , number one they look much better! That big box is simply not as good looking as a beautiful AIO with an LCD screen featuring your  favorite image or gif and number two is only for those RARE people who want to do EXTREME overclocking, not routine overclocking but EXTREME. When doing that  you want MAX cooling and an AIO is the best method for that.  So, in short, 99% of people do not NEED an AIO but that's ok we can have some wants too!  Now on to your choices!

Now, On to the choices...


z53,z63 OR z73  The Z series by NZXT is one of our favorites! The cooling is fantastic and it looks amazing. It is fully customizable also with an LCD Screen! Add your logo, a GIF or monitor your temps all at a glance! 


Z53, Z63 OR Z73 In White and other colors! We modify ours to be different! We offer an array of colors and options to choose from!  an array of colors and options to choose from!

Corsair H100i - Available in White and Black this is a great cooler with great performance and look! The biggest difference is NO LCD screen but you can save some money in this area!

Lian Li Galahad is another great option! The only thing when choosing this option is that even the white version has stainless! This is not a bad thing, just something to consider when considering the look of your build!

AMD Wraith Prism Cooler is the stock cooler option. Once again this option is fine for 99% of all gamers and creators and is a great way to save some money with your build without sacrificing performance in other areas!

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