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Shop the look of our VYRAL builds we have done for streamers, content creators, celebrities and customers all around the world!

TFUE Crimson

This isn't no dog sh*t prebuilt. This bad boy was created for TFUE himself and yes, it has a screen in there.


The VYRAL TikTok build we did for Mattykay. This build put the "SNOW WHITE" on the map!

"off-white" inspired

Inspired by the brand that set so many trends, we had to pay our respects and create a masterpiece.


Created for the HYPE-BEAST himself. Inspired by the brand and movement they have created. This is one of our all time favorites


Created for the mastermind himself and adding a little mix of SUPERPLASTIC. Yes, that is barbwire inside the PC. We love pushing limits


This build was created for a Mad Max themed music video shoot for the artist DIPLO. Very unique, 1:1

*not for sale or duplication*


Any thanos fans out there? This was an inspired build from END GAME. We went all out to create that thanos look!


This is our take on the EVO. Adding our signature Vyral 7" screen and upright GPU mount

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Vyral Meshify

Do not let this small case fool you! This case if fully mesh and can pack some heat!

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Master Chief

We put our love for the Halo series into this custom build. Inspired from the Halo Series X Xbox

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Squid Game

Hope you survive the games for this one.


This 8-bit masterpiece was built with minecraft blocks of custom vinyl work.

murder your thirst

We had to create a custom build for our favorite brand/water: liquid death.


Showcasing our abilities to wrap anything you want!

mini with a screen

Often imitated but never duplicated. We were first on the scene to complete this 14" Screen mod in a Lian Li mini. We love pushing the limits!

Leading the industry

Vyral custom builds

Vyral is not your ordinary PC shop. We custom build everything in house.

You dream it, we will build it!