Inside Lian Li: An Exclusive Chat with CEO Jamison on PC Building's Future

Inside Lian Li: An Exclusive Chat with CEO Jamison on PC Building's Future



For PC enthusiasts, the name Lian Li resonates with innovation, quality, and a commitment to customer feedback. We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Jamison, the CEO of Lian Li, at their headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Here's an exclusive look into the mind of a leader who's shaping the future of PC building.

A Journey from College to CEO:

Jamison's journey with Lian Li began in 2017. But his connection to the world of PCs started much earlier. From attending exhibitions in college to understand the PC case market to considering a career in finance, Jamison's diverse experiences have given him a unique perspective on the industry.

Lian Li's Humble Beginnings:

The company's roots trace back 40 years when they began with something as simple as PCIe brackets. Fast forward to today, and they're pioneering the PC case market.

Innovation at the Heart of Lian Li:

One of the standout points from our chat was Jamison's emphasis on originality. Instead of following market trends, Lian Li believes in setting them. Their unifan design, which revolutionized cable management, is a testament to this philosophy.

The Power of Customer Feedback:

In today's digital age, where every customer has a voice, Jamison ensures that each one is heard. From Reddit threads to YouTube reviews, he actively seeks out feedback, leading to tangible product enhancements.

Navigating Challenges and Looking Ahead:

Despite the global challenges posed by the pandemic, Lian Li saw significant growth. Jamison's forward-thinking approach has set clear goals for the company: to rank among the top three in cases, cooling, and power supplies in the next five years.


Our conversation with Jamison reaffirmed what many in the PC building community believe: Lian Li is a brand committed to innovation, quality, and its customers. As they continue to release groundbreaking products and push the boundaries of what's possible, we're excited to see where this journey takes them next.


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