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Evolve V Y R A L
Evolve V Y R A L
Evolve V Y R A L
Evolve | Custom
Evolve | Custom

Evolve | Custom

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The Vyral EVOLVE is the little sibling to the Snow White! Powerful yet beautiful. This PC is for those who want to showcase their PC and all the parts inside! The Evolve is almost identical to the Snow White however there are a few key differences. The Evo is a Mid tower case as opposed to an XL case (See video for size comparison) The Lian Li Evo case is a little more modular with options like adding additional USB hubs to the case, mounting the GPU upright along the back of the case and the option of a front mesh as opposed to glass! 

You can customize the Evolve to fit a wide array of needs! From High FPS 4k gaming, to flawless video and photo editing to a beast of a Sim racing PC! Need help configuring? Our Ohio based techs are on standby to help you configure your build to fit your exact needs and help you ensure you do not over or under buy on your next, or first PC!  

*Customizable upon request

*Windows 11 Home full License included

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*Parts subject to change upon availability. We will consult with you first.

*FPS is a cumulative average across multiple games at 1080p

ALL V Y R A L PCs are backed by our LIFETIME Warranty!

Buy with confidence!  For ANY questions about your build or the building process please email us at Sales@vyralteq.com or CALL
We appreciate you considering us for your next build! 

Customer Reviews

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Luis Ortiz
Great satisfaction

Sorry for the late review. I was too busy playing with my new PC. What can I say about Vyral? Well, the best company in the world said they are small businesses. But they don't tell you that they are going to give you the best satisfaction that any other company is not going to give you. Customer service and shipping is excellent. I'm always going to remember my call from one of the owners to tell me that my Pc was done. He sounds very happy and excited about the build that he did for me. When he sent me the pictures of my Pc, I understood why he was happy and excited. Choosing VYRAL was the best option. There's no better option if you want a Pc built the right way.

 Thank you VYRAL

Absolute beast~

Ordered back in April 2022, was surprised at how fast the turn around time was. (almost missed the delivery two times because I got sick lol)
This is my first high end gaming rig and with how GPU prices were at the time it was really good choice in the end~
The packaging was really secure and all the foam stuffed was a nice touch.

The PC itself runs games great~
Probably the fastest PC i've ever owned to date.
Lighting is great too.

10/10 Would recommend in the future.

Racing Rig Beast!

The guys at Vyral build me a beast of a machine based on my specific needs. I had questions and they took the time to answer and educate me as to what I needed, never trying to upsell me. I actually upsold myself 😁👊🏼. This was such a great purchase! Thank you Vyral🏆🏆

Alexis Soule
Built PCs before, never could have built one like this!

Legit couldn’t of picked a better company, everyone there was super friendly and helpful. Ordered two PCs from them and they helped customize everything with me down to the last detail! Had a hiccup when UPS decided one of my PCs was a bowling ball and thru that shit around and came fcked up. Spoke to these great people and they helped fix it and get it back to me that same week! Honestly so blessed to have pocked them and will do it again in a heartbeat 10/10 would buy again !

Fred Grove
My first gaming pc

Trist off, I have to give a shout to the team at Vyal! They really took their time in answering all my questions. Gave great insight into making sure all my components worked well together. Once arrived it looked better than I expected. They came highly recommend, and meet all those expectations. The PC was packaged well and arrived undamaged.

Thanks for all you do!

Snow White - DO not use V Y R A L

Buy With COnfidence

We only use industry leading brands

We do not cut corners - Plain and simple. No mini motherboards, no generic power supplies - No mismatched cheap RGB fans! We are quality! 

We Are custom

We are gamers, streamers and content creators, just like you! We know what you want and need in a PC and understand how big and imporant a purchas like this can be and we do not take that lightly!

Accountable owners
Who Appreciate YOU

We are gamers, streamers and content creators, just like you! We know what you want and need in a PC and understand how big and imporant a purchase like this can be and we do not take that lightly! If you ever have problems or questions, talk directly to the owners - Not a call center.

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