Abyss/Alaska Photoshop Edition V Y R A L
Abyss/Alaska Photoshop Edition V Y R A L

Abyss/Alaska Photoshop Edition

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A B Y S S / A L A S K A

P H O T O S H O P  E D I T I O N

The hardware in this Pre configured PC was chosen to provide the best experience in Adobe's Photoshop without overspending on parts that wouldn't improve performance!


Processor: Intel i9 12900KS 

Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 3070ti VERTICALLY Mounted (GPU Fans showing)

Motherboard - Z690 ASUS Strix

RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RGB

Storage: Comes with 1TB M.2 SSD or add more if needed!

9 Lian Li Unifan (SL or AL) 

NZXT Z73 liquid cooling! 

Lian Li O11D EVO Case

1000W PSU

Windows 11 Home

Want to add a custom wrap or custom color to your PC? Give us a call after checkout to discuss options!

Add Popular Pre Installed Games or Programs! 

Don't see an option you would like to customize? Send us an email or call us at 937-993-7765! We are happy to accommodate any changes!  


Every part In this build was meticulously picked out. Our builds are not put together with the cheapest parts we can find, in fact, we only use top of the line name brand parts. No cheap remote to change your RGBs, no loud fans and absolutely no birds nest of wires in the back! When its time to upgrade years down the road you are ready!

In this PC part market it is extremely hard to source the same components every week, so some brands may change but rest assured we only use top tier brands like EVGA, MSI, Corsair ect and not cheap alternatives just to lower our prices. 

Its our attention to even the smallest details that set our builds apart!


*Customizable upon request

*Windows 10 Home full License included

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*Parts subject to change upon availability. We will consult with you first.

*Game/Software download options are for the DOWNLOADS ONLY. You will still need an account with a licensed copy of the game or software to play/use.


What else can my PC do?

While this PC is designed for use in Adobe's Photoshop, it can still perform a number of other tasks!

* Gaming - 1080p-1440p

* Video editing 2k to 4k footage

* Streaming - 1080p (internet dependent)

* 3D Modeling

ALL V Y R A L PC's are back by our LIFETIME Warranty!

Buy with confidence!  For ANY questions about your build or the building process please email us at Sales@vyralteq.com or CALL
1-888-VYRAL PC
We appreciate you considering us for your next build! 

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